Type of Law

Civil Rights

With over thirty years experience in civil rights litigation, Randall Hamud is singularly qualified to seek damages from those who would deprive your of your rights. His litigation background includes cases involving racial discrimination, sex discrimination, religious discrimination, and state and federal constitutional claims. Since 2001, he has been an active opponent of the excesses of the Patriot Act and the government’s racial and ethnic profiling of Middle Easterners and Muslims. With his broad background and nationally recognized track record, he is the man to contact if your rights are violated.


Criminal Law

Mr. Hamud’s associates include some of the best criminal lawyers in Southern California. Since 9/11 the Arab and Muslim communities have been targeted for special treatment by the federal law enforcement and immigration authorities. The result has been a significant increase in the bringing of criminal charges against this community. The charges range from allegations of supporting terrorism to criminal violation of the immigration laws. Answering the call to duty, Mr. Hamud has put together a panel of expert criminal lawyers who associate with his office. This panel and Mr. Hamud himself represent the best line of defense if criminal charges are brought against you. Never intimidated by the government or by adverse press coverage about their clients, Mr. Hamud and his team often turn the tables on the government in the courts and in the public media by disproving government’s case and demonstrating that the charges are politically driven.

Immigration Law

Our office has over thirty years' experience in representing foreigners who are interested in visiting, doing business in, or immigrating to the United States of America. We can facilitate your visit or relocation through the full complement of visa programs. If you are already in immigration proceedings, we can identify your rights and remedies and pursue them on your behalf. These are difficult times for immigrants who want to come to America for any reason, especially if they reside in the Middle East or South Asia. But Mr. Hamud's national reputation and his firm's long experience in immigration law are your best bets in achieving success. Don't be afraid to contact us. And don't for a moment think that the United States has closed its doors to immigrants.

Accidents and Personal Injury

Mr. Hamud has over thirty years' experience in representing injured parties in auto accidents, trauma, and medical malpractice cases. He looks forward to assisting you in obtaining money damages for your injuries.





Randall Hamud’s favorite words are “bad faith.” Those words define the obligations of insurers to their insureds and are the last words the insurer ever wants to hear from an attorney. With over thirty years’ experience in litigation involving insurance companies, Mr. Hamud is expert in getting their attention and in maximizing your recovery against them when they violate their obligations to you. Insurance policies are deliberately written in terms unfathomable to the lay reader. Before you take your insurer’s word that coverage does not exist or that an exclusion applies, contact Mr. Hamud’s law office for the real truth.

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